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Stories from the world of Kill Me Softly and Tear You Apart :

"After the Ball" - a Cinderella story (free)

The prince didn’t know who Dusty was; he just had her shoe. And he wouldn’t recognize her, not right away. He’d seen her with gold hair, not black, and she’d been wearing a couture gown—there would be a disconnect, when he saw her now. She could do this.

Dusty held out the gold shoe, and tried to look calmer than she felt.

“Here’s your chance to be a princess. Do you want it?”

"Three Nights, Twelve Princesses, One Curse" - a Twelve Dancing Princesses story (free)

If you weren't chosen—if you weren't cursed—there wasn't much you could do to distinguish yourself in Beau Rivage. The Twelve Dancing Princesses curse was one of the few opportunities. Anyone could volunteer to break it, and that was what he had done. He'd signed away his life, his future, because he believed he could be a hero.

He had three nights to prove it.

"Twin Roses" - a Snow White and Rose Red e-short story ($1.99)

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Pearl's mark was composed of two white roses; Ruby's double roses were a rich bloodred. They'd had the marks since they were six months old and, unlike some Cursed, they weren't afraid of their shared destiny. They were fated to care for each other, to always be there for each other, to keep each other safe. Animals loved them and, thanks to a fairy's gift, no harm would ever come to them.

They were more blessed than cursed.

Until they found something they couldn't share.